UK horse racing betting tips

Horse race betting in UK

horse racing ukUnited Kingdom is one of the most active countries in horse racing. The first races took place a few hundreds of years ago. The royal families watched them as a form of entertainment, but as time progressed it became more open to the public.
And even today it’s a national sport well known in the country. Horse racing being so deep embedded in the culture, is the second largest spectator sport in the country.

It has generated more the 3 billion £ to the economy and as of now it has almost 40 courses spread in the country.

But let’s take a second and discuss a little bit about the betting experience in UK, mainly on online betting platforms.

In the following minutes we’ll try to explain as simple as possible how you can place a horse race bet for a United Kingdom race type and maybe win.

Mainly, the experience overall is mostly the same compared to a standard horse racing competition.
There are the standard things to take in consideration and also a slight difference that is present in the UK based betting websites.

Let’s get started.

Take a closer look at the course

You must analyze the track where the racing is taking place. And here we are referring to the distance and the track surface. In some cases the the horse can perform better or worse on a certain setup, so it’s a must to take it in consideration when you pick the winner.

See how is the jokey and the trainer

The jockey is the one controlling the horse in the time of the race, but the trainer is the person educating the animal. Those two individuals are very important in the evolution of the race so you must take a deeper dive in their history of races.

The horse past performance

If you are on the race course you can see horse being walked prior to the race and can give you an idea of their shape. But in the online field you must rely on stats mostly. Every betting website (most of them at least) provide a detail history of the performances. Here you can see past odds and places that it finished on each race course. Also in the stats are the horse age and weight.

The process of horse racing betting in UK

Now that the basics are determined, let’s take a closer look in the process itself. After making your decision on which horse you want to bet, select the horse and you will see some odds.

Odds for Winning or Placing and a Lay option. Winning is pretty self explanatory, Placing is the bet in which you bet the horse will take a top place (first, second, third) in the race outcome, Each Way it’s a double bet, meaning that you bet for winning and placing at the same time, Laying a bet for winning or placing means that you are betting against the horse to win the race.

Now lets see the odds: there is the standard decimal system and the fractional system. The fractions that are displayed 5/1 or 5-1 (this is an example). Basically in the case of 5/1, for each unit you stake you will receive 5 units plus the stake.
Another detail that you should look after is the small F that is placed next to a horse name. This means that he’s the favorite of the race and it has the smallest odd, because of the higher probability of winning.

There is live streaming from the horse races and some great welcome packages with selected bookies. You can check the UK bonus registration codes for latest codes on claiming the best betting bonuses.